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Selected Exhibitions

Art Fair of Multiple Personalities
School 33 Art Center, Baltimore, MD • 2005
Drawing Five Artists
Montgomery College, Rockville, MD • 2004
fortissimo to pianissimo
Creative Alliance (Conkling Street Location),
Baltimore, MD • 2000-2001
Habitats and Dwellings
Maryland Art Place (Market Place Location),
Baltimore, MD • 2003
Nature Trail
Villag Julie College Art Gallery, Stevenson, MD • 2000
Perpendicular Dialogues
Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD • 2001-2002
Project One
Signal 66, Washington, DC 2003
Suppressed Desires Party
Evergreen House, The Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, MD 2004-05
Trawick Prize
Creative Partners Gallery, Bethesday, MD 2005
The Untroubled Mind
Villa Julie College Art Gallery, Stevenson, MD 1999
Very Young Art
Park School, Brooklandville, MD 2002
Wall Drawings
ART House, Maryland Art Place (Power Plant Location),
Baltimore, MD 1999
Willful Poetries
Maryland Art Place (Saratoga Street Location),
Baltimore, MD 1999
Photo Credits: Jennifer Mange, Beth Barbush, Edwin Remsberg, Jack Livingston and Jeff Goldman
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